lighting plastics

We supply pretty much anything plastic that covers a light fixture, even custom.  Call for details.  

T8 Led tubes

Direct install to a 4' T8 light fixture.  No need to bypass the ballast, just install like a regular fluorescent bulb and save energy.

LED Dimmable troffers

Great for office, school, and institutional applications.  At 107,000 hours you will never have to change a bulb again.  Meet with one of our experts today!

energy efficiency is our standard

Input Wattage: 150W

Amperage @ 120V: 1.24A

Amperage @ 277V: 0.54A

Dimming: 1-10V Standard

150 Watt led high bay fixture

This LED Linear High Bay Fixture (shown on the left) offers a classic fluorescent linear highbay look with strips that resemble tubes when lit.  The LED strips are LM80-tested with 100+ lumens per watt for a super long life, maintenance free.  This fixtures replaces 250W to 400W metal halides, using almost 70% less energy than a 400W MH.  Instant fire up, no waiting for the lamps to warm up.  Constructed of sheet steel for heat sink and thermal control with specular reflector for higher lumens.  At 40 hours per week, this fixture will last over 51 years maintenance free.  We like to call it the last fixture you will ever have to buy.  ​Contact us for details.  

Life: 107,000 Hours
Warranty: 7 Years
Lumens: 17,130

Color Temp: 5000K

CRI: 83