Various Products


LED and Fluorescent

High Bay T8, T5HO & LED

Vaportight T8, T5HO & LED

Troffer Fluorescent & LED

Wallpack LED

Parking / Area LED Lighting

Canopy LED Lighting

Emergency / Exit LED Lighting

Strip and Wrap T8, T5HO, & LED

Puff & Cloud LED 

T8 LED Plug & Play Tubes

Retrofit Kits

T8 & T5HO Bulbs in Bulk

Shatterproof Bulbs

Any Light Bulb in Bulk

Lighting Plastics & Components:
Parabolic Louvers

Aluminum Louvers

Plastic Eggcrate
Prismatic Lenses - Cut to Size
Custom Wrap Lenses

Vaportight Replacement Lenses

Drop Dish Lenses

Post Top Globes

Decorative Acorn Globes

Tubeguard Lamp Sleeves

Aluminum Baffles

Wire Guards

School Replacement Lenses

Lexalite Lenses



Energy Audits

Lighting Layouts

Onsite Evaluations

Utility Rebate Assistance

Contractor Referrals

Light Fixture / Lamp Recycling 


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LED IN STOCK Austin Area:


 4 & 6 Lamp T8 Replaceable LEDs

 Integrated Linear 2'X2 & 2'X4'

 UFO Round Bays

Strip 4' Fixtures 2 & 3 Lamp

Vaporproof 4' Fixtures 

Adjustable Wallpacks

Entrance D2D Fixtures

D2D Outdoor Area Fixtures

Retrofit Kits to LED

'4 LED Tubes 18-22W All Kinds

Occipancy Sensors